Who Are We?

We're Mel & Oli Chinese-American twins born and raised in London, with a shared obsession with cooking, eating and sharing Chinese comfort food.

Mei Mei's was started in 2012 from a small stall in Camden market to events, pop ups and residencies in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and London.

Our mission is to change the way Chinese food is eaten in the UK with simple dishes, made from scratch - inspired by our grandma's cooking and the dishes we grew up eating but can't find easily in restaurants. We have brought the Beijing Jianbing to the UK - a traditional street food delicacy found all over China with very little representation anywhere else in the world.

We believe Jianbing is one of ultimate Chinese comfort dishes, and we've perfected our own recipe to reflect both traditional processes and local ingredients.  


Our dishes are only as good as the ingredients we put into them, so using properly sourced produce is important to us.


Everything from scratch.

Proper Chinese comfort food


Mei Mei's Street Cart 2016

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